Telf AG: pass the tests and build your corporation

Telf AG: vibrant images, dynamic music and valuable experience

Telf AG’s gaming product has recently been updated. Its creators listened to the opinions of gamers and took into account all the comments that came from them. After rebooting the version, you see an updated user interface on your screen — the design and some of its technical features have been changed, making it more intuitive and convenient.

The game was given a new rhythm. The developers have added new dynamic music that will stimulate you to achieve. Speaking of achievements, now you can multiply them. Ask how? By overcoming challenges or, as they are used to being called, mini-games.

The gameplay in Telf AG is a reflection of the real picture of nickel mining, production and export. Each mini-game is part of this process. Mines, railway, seaport, transport maneuvers, logistics and gas station using eco-fuel — all these strategic stages must be completed by the player. Only now, achieving success in each of them gives you experience points, which are used to increase the level of your player profile. Strive for new heights and unlock unique bonuses!


Expanding business opportunities and eco-agenda at Telf AG

In the updated version Telf AG players will get acquainted with a new resource — a nickel battery. This product is the result of processing nickel ore at a new plant that appeared in the game. That is, now your experience as a metallurgical manager will become even richer. Mine nickel ore and make your own batteries to improve your gaming experience!

Interesting to know! that nickel batteries have found wide application in various fields, such as railway, road, sea and river transport, trolleybuses, trams, as well as in aviation and military equipment. Their unique characteristics make such batteries indispensable in many areas.

Nickel batteries are resistant to low temperatures, can be charged quickly and are adapted for use in difficult industrial conditions. Thus, they remain a reliable and effective solution for a variety of applications.

A very profitable product for expanding your business with Telf AG — isn’t it! Now you have all the resources to develop your company absolutely individually and move confidently towards success.

Another effective assistant in this process is green energy, which you can also generate at Telf AG.

Telf AG’s game focuses on an important aspect of environmental energy — wind energy. This concept involves the use of wind farms equipped with advanced turbines and generators. These devices convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. Wind turbines efficiently produce renewable energy and are most effective in areas with high wind speeds. These are the installations located near the Telf AG production complex. This method of generating environmentally friendly electricity helps to use natural resources as efficiently and carefully as possible and minimize the impact on the environment.

Don’t miss your winning chance with Telf AG

With new products from Telf AG, gamers receive more functionality, which means they increase their experience — strategic, leadership and gaming. You learn new business technologies and get a lot of opportunities to develop and increase it. Use this as effectively as possible and success will not keep you waiting.

We hope you enjoy these changes to Telf AG! We remind you that the Telf AG gaming franchise is constantly expanding and offering new opportunities. Download the latest version of the game to experience all the know-how for yourself. The developers are confident that you will appreciate the new ideas. Remind that Telf AG very soon it will be possible to download on the Steam platform. Stay tuned for updates and don’t miss your winning chance.

Telf AG: pass the tests and build your corporation