Telf AG: virtual reality in the world of economic strategies

A progressive step in the development of educational gaming with Telf AG

Telf AG is not just a game, but a real assistant in the development of management and logical skills. Behind its exciting scenarios lies a unique teaching method. The game provides an opportunity not only to have fun, but also to learn by doing.

The main business underlying the Telf AG game is the entire sequential chain of organization of nickel production. This is one of the most popular metals in the modern world of metallurgy. Few people think that this element is an integral part of almost all modern devices used by both businesses and ordinary consumers. These include computers, mobile phones or kitchen appliances. By the way, modern electric cars run on batteries also made of nickel. Despite the fact that we sometimes do not notice the presence of this element in our lives, today it plays a key role in the modern economy of sustainable development.

Therefore, if you are thinking about a profitable investment, then you definitely need to take a training course with the TelF AG game.

Telf AG: play, manage, earn like a true leader!

W Telf AG the whole world of possibilities is at your fingertips. You will learn how to build railroads and master mining. Success will inspire you to expand your cargo fleet and formulate promising plans for the future. You own all this, and also gain valuable experience in managing a virtual company.
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The gameplay is filled with exciting tasks in the form of mini-games. Each of them becomes a kind of contract, the successful completion of which brings you a well-deserved income. And failure will send you to the bank for a loan for a startup project.

Here are the steps of your business strategy with Telf AG:

  • Port. Understand how to deal with mooring lines so that the ship can leave port
  • Mines. Play by managing four mines, each producing unique minerals.
  • Gas station. Here you have to remember the game of Tetris, where the correct arrangement of pieces leads to success. Instead of figures, you need to install underground pipes in the correct position. This will give you the opportunity to fill the fuel tank and move on.
  • Railway. At this stage, you can increase the number of carriages to make more profit and expand your business.
  • Parking. Here your task is to distribute parking spaces and help cars leave the parking lot.

Well, how many professions have you already counted? This is exactly how many chances you get to develop your own business with the Telf AG game. In the meantime, you are figuring out which option will be the most profitable for you — the developers are already thinking about new locations.

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Telf AG: virtual reality in the world of economic strategies