Gas station: A Puzzle Game for Refueling in Telf AG

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The developers of Telf AG have created a game based on real-life processes, where each player can become part of an exciting world of business and economics. The creators’ goal includes several aspects: education, analysis, prediction, and entertainment. Players are tasked with earning money to invest in new projects, passing tests, and concluding contracts for the successful development of business. In Telf AG, everyone can create their own virtual eco-business, developing and managing offices, parking lots, mines, factories, logistics, and transportation.

The latest update to the Telf AG game offers even more possibilities for players, making the gameplay even more engaging. The latest addition is a new feature – a gas station, which has become a real puzzle for participants.

Visiting the gas station has become not only a necessary stage for continuing the game but also an interesting challenge for players. To refuel the car with biofuel, participants must logically position the underground pipes to ensure a smooth flow of fuel into the car’s tank. Although the task may seem simple, it requires ingenuity and puzzle-solving skills.

Players can rotate pipe sections by 90 degrees to properly connect them and ensure the automatic filling of the car’s tank with environmentally friendly fuel. This not only helps the car reach its destination but also demonstrates the importance of clean energy sources.

Thus, the gas station becomes an integral part of the Telf AG gameplay, providing players with the opportunity to use their logical skills to solve interesting tasks and ensure the success of their virtual business.

Gas station: A Puzzle Game for Refueling in Telf AG